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White Collar Crimes Are Serious. Contact Our Firm If You're Facing Counterfeiting Charges.

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If you or someone you know is under investigation or had been arrested for counterfeiting money or goods, contact Los Angeles Defense Lawyer Robert M. Bernstein. With his background as a former prosecutor and experience as a criminal defense attorney, Mr. Bernstein provides the highest level and skillful legal defense.

A Counterfeit is a copy or replica of an item, particularly legal tender or currency, but more often now related to clothing, software or other tangible goods. This is usually considered a white collar crime in which an individual or organization will create counterfeit items, usually with the intention of selling them or passing them off as originals. In the case of currency, counterfeiting can result in a prison sentence of up to 15 years, along with serious fines. Counterfeiting charges are actively and aggressively prosecuted by both state and federal prosecutors.

Counterfeiting includes currency as well as goods, such as designer clothes, watches and jewelry. Additionally, counterfeiting may be used in the commission of credit card fraud, when credit cards are recreated or copied in order to make fraudulent or unauthorized charges.

Los Angeles Counterfeiting Defense Lawyer

If you or someone you know has been arrested or is under investigation for counterfeiting consult with Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer Robert M. Bernstein immediately. During a free initial case evaluation, Attorney Bernstein can get a general idea of your case and determine how he may be able to provide you with the most effective defense strategies and legal representation. His knowledge and experience as a former prosecutor, as well as his extensive defense experience enables Attorney Robert Bernstein to provide the highest quality legal representation available.

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  • Probation Our Client was Facing 20 Years in Prison for Cocaine Poss. with Intent to Sell. Received Probation.
  • Probation - No Jail Time Our Client was Facing 6 Years in Prison for Embezzlement of $250,000+. Probation - No Jail Time
  • Probation with Home Detention Our San Bernardino Client was Facing up to 6 Years in Prison for Vehicular Manslaughter. Probation with Home Detention.
  • Case Dismissed Our Client out of Beverly Hills Court Faced up to 18 Years in Prison if Convicted of Molestation / Lewd Conduct. Case Dismissed.
  • Not Guilty at Trial In Federal Court, Our Client was facing 8-14 Months in Federal Prison for Insurance Fraud. Not Guilty at Trial
  • Probation with Drug Rehabilitation Our client was Facing 8 Years in Prison for Sale of Ecstasy (3000+ tablets).Probation with Drug Rehabilitation.
  • Probation - No Jail Time Our client was Facing 6 Years in Prison for Grand Theft $60,000+. Probation - No Jail Time.
  • Case Dismissed Our client was Facing 15 to Life in Prison for Armed Robbery with a Fire Arm. Case Dismissed.
  • Probation - No Jail Time Our Client was Facing 18-24 Months in Federal Prison for Mail Fraud. Probation - No Jail Time.
  • Case Dismissed - Illegal Search Our Client was Facing 120 months (10 years) in Federal Prison for Narcotics Trafficking. Case Dismissed - Illegal Search.

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