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California Woman Attacks Clerk Over Bottle of Beer, Charged with Attempted Murder

California Woman Attacks Clerk Over Bottle of Beer, Charged with Attempted Murder

A California woman is being accused of attempted murder after allegedly attacking a store clerk who refused to sell her a single bottle of beer.

Teresa Aguayo entered a family run market in Orange County and asked to buy a bottle of beer. The clerk behind the counter refused since the store didn’t sell individual bottles. Aguayo allegedly began attacking the employee by throwing various items at her. Aguayo then went behind the counter and physically attacked the clerk, beating her repeatedly over the head with the beer bottle and forcing her to drink rubbing alcohol and acetone. Aguayo then wrapped her head in a blanket, which caused the clerk to momentarily pass out. When the clerk regained consciousness, Aguayo was spraying bug repellent in her face.

When police arrived, they had to physically pull a kicking and screaming Aguayo off the store clerk. Aguayo’s arrest is just the latest entry on a long record that includes convictions for grand theft and assault with a deadly weapon. Aguayo was booked on charges of attempted murder and held on a $500,000 bond.

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