Client Testimonial

Robert is the very best. If you need help getting out of a legal misunderstanding, Robert is your guy.

Mr. Bernstein is the best criminal defense lawyer anyone could hope for. Without going in to too much detail about my particular charges, I can say that Robert Bernstein literally saved my life. We reached a great result because of his never-ending hard work. Mr. Bernstein was always direct with me about what was happening and kept me informed of all details of my case. Although I was offered a plea deal which would have resulted in no jail time, Robert understood that I would not ever plead guilty to something I did not do and he supported me every step of the way. Ultimately, we decided to proceed to trial and Robert was a brilliant force in trial, he dominated the court room and passionately argued my case throughout the course of the trial. He destroyed the credibility of my (false) accuser with a blistering cross examination. Yet, at the same time he was always very professional with the judge and other lawyers. We reached a great result and I was vindicated. After the trial, several of the jurors came up to me and actually hugged me and told me that they felt for me. Without hesitation I would recommend Robert Bernstein to anyone who needs a GREAT defense attorney. Do not waste your time with others, Robert Bernstein is the only lawyer you need when you are facing criminal charges.

Several months ago our lives changed forever when federal agents came to my husband's business with a search warrant and guns drawn, and seized all of our computers and files. My husband was told he was facing serious Federal criminal charges which could send him to prison for 30 years. The agents also got a court order freezing all of our business and personal bank accounts.

We didn't know where to turn and met with several lawyers we researched online. However, none of them felt like the right attorney for our needs. Many didn't have experience in federal criminal cases and some just seemed more interested in how much we could pay them than in our defense. Finally, a co-worker referred us to Robert Bernstein. From the first telephone conversation I had a great feeling about Robert, which only got better once we met with him at his office in Beverly Hills.

Robert listened to the details of our case, asked the right questions and thoroughly explained the legal process and exactly what we should expect in the coming weeks and months. Robert even called the lead FBI agent during our first meeting to introduce himself and learn more about the investigation. Robert was calm and reassuring, and his knowledge of the law and the process were impressive. Since he used to be a prosecutor himself, he knew the process from both sides. We definitely knew that Robert had the skills we needed to help keep our freedom and save the family from financial ruin.

Robert got to work on the case right away, and was able to convince the prosecutor to release our personal computers back to us. More importantly, he was able to unfreeze our personal bank accounts so we could pay our living expenses.

Robert's fee was higher than some of the other attorneys we met with, but with our lives and freedom at stake we knew it wasn't the time to be looking for the lowest price. Hiring the best definitely costs money, but it was the best money we have ever spent.

Robert never stopped fighting for us and got an incredible result. He's a great attorney and now a great friend. We can't thank him enough for all he did for us. We're more grateful than he can ever know. Thank you Robert!

A former friend of mine had accused me of sexual battery. This is a crime that carried a potential maximum sentence of 8 years in state prison. Considering the severity of the charges and the fact that it was my first time being arrested one can only imagine the fear and stress I was going through. My life and career were at stake, but Robert was able to provide me with peace of mind and ultimately my life back. He was able to convince the DA that my accuser had consented to the contact, which resulted in my case being rejected by the DA's office and thus prevented them from filing charges in the first place. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined such a favorable outcome. Thanks to Robert I can honestly say I have never been charged with a crime. When Robert claims to be an aggressive attorney that is merely an understatement. He fought for my behalf with a vigor that one typically only reserves for the most dire of situations. Yet at the same time he was compassionate and made me feel as if I was his personal acquaintance or the only case he had (which I can I assure you it wasn't). After our first meeting he gave me his personal cell phone number and made himself always available. Prior to hiring Robert I called an attorney's office who wouldn't even speak with me personally when I was providing the initial details of my case. Instead, all communication was through an assistant and even when he had to reschedule my initial consultation he had his assistant do it for him. This is something I could never imagine Robert putting his clients through. With Robert you get what you pay for and then some.

I hired Mr. Bernstein to represent my son in a criminal case. He was terrific, always returned our calls, and we even had his cell phone number from the first meeting. It was a complicated process and Mr. Bernstein patiently helped us through it all. Finally, he was able to work out a great deal and literally saved my son's life from ruin. We cannot express enough gratitude to this exceptional attorney!!!!

I was looking to retain an attorney so I came across Robert Bernstein's website and was very impressed with him after doing research. I contacted him on a Sunday and left a message and he called me back the same day within only one hour! Really?! Having an attorney who is very accessible is extremely important but it's super hard to find. I spoke with him and was very impressed by how knowledgeable he is regarding CA law, and I was also very impressed by his great deal of just plain common sense. There is nothing like finding a great attorney who is honest and ethical. Robert is that kind of an attorney no doubt! He saved me $2,500!!!! He spoke to me for free about my case for about 20 minutes and told me I probably didn't really even need to retain an attorney for this matter. Many others would have seen dollar signs and jumped at the chance to take my easy case for the quick and easy money. All I can say is THANK YOU Robert for all your help and for your honesty. If I ever need an attorney I won't think twice about retaining Robert!

Recently, I was falsely accused of some very serious felony charges and was extremely worried. Don't waste your time meeting numerous attorneys as I did, Robert Bernstein is clearly the BEST criminal defense attorney out there. He impressed me from the beginning with his vast knowledge, compassion and extensive experience. I felt it was important to have a former prosecutor like Robert represent me, knowing that he would understand the process and the ins and outs of the court system. Robert took the time to listen to me and understood what I was dealing with. He started working on my case immediately, even before my initial court date. Robert met with the detectives and the District Attorney's office and was ultimately able to get all the charges dismissed. From our first meeting, he knew how panicked I was by this situation. Robert alleviated my concerns by explaining to me the process I would go through and assured me that I would not be alone at any time throughout the case. He was right! Thanks to Robert, I have my life back and this nightmare is finally over. If you are ever in need of a criminal attorney and are looking for an aggressive, but caring attorney who has the experience and knowledge to accomplish the best results, then call Robert right away. I cannot recommend his services enough. Robert is simply the best!

I hired Criminal Attorney Robert Bernstein to represent my son in a federal criminal case. Robert is an amazing lawyer and just a wonderful person. The time and effort he put into the case was extraordinary. He was always available to answer our questions and calm our nerves. We cannot thank him enough for what he did for our son and our entire family. If you were to find yourself involved in a criminal case he is the one person to call.

I hired Robert to defend me against federal criminal charges in Los Angeles after already having a prior attorney who did nothing on my behalf. Robert's knowledge of the federal legal system was invaluable in achieving such a great result and keeping me out of prison. I cannot recommend him highly enough as a lawyer and a great person.

I had no idea that I was being investigated by Federal Law Enforcement Agents when I was arrested for tax evasion, bank fraud, securities violation, and theft. Apparently they had been watching me for years. To say I was overwhelmed by the charges would be putting it lightly. I was facing over 10 years in Federal Prison – my entire life was crumbling.

I hired Mr. Bernstein because he was the only lawyer I spoke to who was actually knowledgeable about all of the charges I was facing. He has years of experience in the Federal Court criminal justice system, whereas other lawyers I spoke to only knew the State Court's justice system.

I was sentenced to probation with home confinement, so I was still able to work from home and support my family. I wasn't expecting such an extraordinary outcome to my case – thanks for everything Mr. Bernstein!

Several months ago I was arrested and charged with a serious felony crime and facing many years in prison. After retaining Robert Bernstein, he was able to get my charges reduced to a misdemeanor and I was placed on probation with no jail time.

I am so thankful to have found such an amazing attorney. The personal attention I received was outstanding: all of my phone calls were answered or promptly returned; he always made time for me when I needed to meet with him, and he was able to thoroughly prepare me for all of my court appearances. I highly recommend Robert Bernstein to anyone in need of a criminal defense lawyer. He saved my career and my reputation, and for that, I cannot thank him enough.

Robert is awesome! He got me the absolute best results I could have asked for when it came to my case. Do not hesitate to call him and set up a consultation. You will not regret it! He is thoughtful and listens to what you have to say. He truly will fight for you and get you the best results. Highly recommended.

Robert was an amazing attorney and really got me through a tragic time in my life. He was understanding and his knowledge of the law was more than worth his services. If you're seeking legal advice or need an attorney to represent you I would highly recommend calling his offices. He gives a free consultation and will always offer you the best possible legal advice. He's always been available and I was very blessed to have him represent me.

Mr. Bernstein is truly the most exceptional attorney in California. We hired him to represent our son who is attending college in CA and unfortunately found himself charged in a criminal case. Being out of state ourselves, we were frantic and did not know where to turn for help. Thank god we found Robert Bernstein. He calmed our fears and communicated with us regularly throughout every step of the process. Ultimately, he saved our son's life from ruin. We cannot thank him enough and recommend Robert to anyone who finds themselves in legal trouble.

Robert is a great attorney - he is thoughtful, listens and has an intimate knowledge of how the system works. Highly recommended.