Blog Posts in 2016

  • Sexual Offender Registration - The Modern Day Scarlet Letter?

    || 21-Jul-2016

    Author Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote of a puritanical town in the 17th century which required that a young woman found guilty of adultery wear a scarlet “A” on her dress to shame her for her sins. His novel addresses legality, sin and shame as a punishment for offending the moral code of the community. The story, due to its many themes, has remained relevant today to, perhaps surprisingly, ...
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  • Revenge Porn - Is it a Crime or Free Speech?

    || 31-May-2016

    In the struggle between free speech and exploitation on the Internet, one battleground is a phenomenon known commonly as "Revenge Porn." Revenge porn is the non-consensual publishing of sexually explicit photographs or videos depicting sex acts. These images are frequently uploaded by the victims' former intimate partner. The motivation for doing so varies in each case. Often, a ...
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  • Marijuana DUI: Driving Under The Influence Of Marijuana

    || 10-May-2016

    Everyone knows what DUI stands for: Driving Under the Influence. What they may not know is that unlike other crimes, a DUI charge does not require mental intent to violate the law. Under California law, if you are driving with a blood-alcohol level of 0.08% or above, you are in violation of the law, and you could be charged for driving under the influence. But this is the case for driving under ...
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  • When Does a Selfie Become a Crime?

    || 25-Feb-2016

    There’s nothing new about teenagers flirting. But there is something new about the way they are doing it these days and their acts can be prosecuted as Possession, or Distribution of Child Pornography by law enforcement. If you’re a parent to a teen, you have definitely already heard of, or been warned about the possible social dangers of sexting. But while the older generation raises ...
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  • Mandatory Minimums - Their time is up!

    || 20-Jan-2016

    You’ve heard the story before: A 20-year-old kid, struggling to afford rent with his minimum wage job, takes up an offer from a friend of a friend to help transport “product” from one person to another. He has always been a good kid, no criminal record, never joined a gang, but he needs to make ends meet. He agrees to transport the drugs and ultimately gets arrested in a sting ...
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