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Accused of money laundering in Los Angeles?

If you or someone you know is facing a money laundering investigation or charges, you need Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer Robert M. Bernstein on your side, fighting to protect your rights and helping you avoid a criminal conviction. The right attorney may even be able to help you avoid having formal charges filed, if they get involved early enough in the process.

What Is Money Laundering?

Money laundering is a white collar crime of taking money which was obtained through illegal activity (such as through drug crimes or trafficking, or other illegal trades) and through a series of financial transactions a person seeks to conceal the source, identity or destination of the money. Money laundering is a complex series of financial transactions and an often time-consuming process which leaves a lengthy and difficult paper trail.

Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney Robert M. Bernstein is licensed to practice law in both State and Federal Court. His experience as a former prosecuting attorney enables him to understand what the prosecution is up against in a case and what their weaknesses are - all in order to help reach a successful outcome for his client. It takes knowledge, experience and skill to be successful in defending money laundering charges. Attorney Robert M. Bernstein has these qualities in abundance and uses them to his clients' benefit every day in defending them against criminal charges such as money laundering.

Los Angeles Money Laundering Defense Lawyer

Although money laundering is a difficult crime to prove, given the complex transactions involved and the length an organization or individual will go to in order to hide the illegal activities, both State and Federal law enforcement agencies may conduct extensive, long-term investigations in order to build enough evidence to make a case. Even if you are innocent of the charges, making a false statement to a Federal Investigator during the investigation is a separate crime in and of itself.

Only with an experienced Los Angeles Money Laundering Defense Attorney as your defense counsel, will one be able to hopefully avoid a criminal conviction and the many serious collateral consequences. The penalties for a conviction on money laundering charges include heavy fines (up to $250,000 for a first offense) as well as substantial prison sentences.

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