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Have You Been Arrested for Robbery in Los Angeles?

Robbery is a serious theft offense which involves using physical force, fear, threats, intimidation or other violent means of obtaining property, money or goods from another person against their will. Robbery is a serious violent offense under California law, punishable by a lengthy prison sentence and a “strike” on your criminal record. Criminal defense lawyer, Robert M. Bernstein represents individuals who are facing robbery charges, fighting to defend your rights, your future and your freedom.

First Degree and Second Degree Robbery in Los Angeles

Robbery may be charged in the first or second degree. First degree robbery involves the robbery of a home, apartment or other inhabited residential dwelling, as well as of a vehicle (carjacking). Home invasion robberies carry even more severe possible penalties. The use of a deadly weapon during the course of a robbery may subject a defendant to a mandatory minimum prison sentence. Second degree robbery includes all other forms of robbery (such as strong arm robbery or mugging, for instance).

Los Angeles Defense Attorney Robert M. Bernstein is uniquely qualified to provide superior legal representation and defense counsel to those who are facing first degree or second degree robbery charges in California. No matter the particular circumstances of your case and your charges, having attorney Robert Bernstein on your side will benefit your chances at success in defending your case.

Los Angeles Robbery Defense Lawyer

Looking for an attorney for a robbery case in Los Angeles? Robert M. Bernstein has experience as a former prosecutor as well as many years as a criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles. Even in the face of complex, serious robbery charges that are supported by physical evidence and witness testimony, Attorney Bernstein is able to help his clients achieve exceptional results using innovative, sophisticated legal defense strategies. Whether negotiating alternative sentencing, lessened penalties or charges, or pursuing a dismissal or not guilty verdict in court, Los Angeles Criminal Attorney Robert M. Bernstein defends his clients’ rights and freedom. If you or someone you know has been arrested or is under investigation for Robbery,

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