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If you or someone you know is under investigation or have been arrested on suspicion of a theft crime, you may face serious charges and heavy penalties including a prison sentence. By consulting a defense lawyer immediately, you are taking a positive step toward protecting your rights, your future and your freedom. Your lawyer can evaluate your case and inform you of whether you need legal counsel at this point, and craft the best possible defense. Involving your lawyer as early as possible can avoid a myriad of unpleasant results, such as unintentional self-incrimination during police questioning – and much more.

Looking for a Lawyer for a Theft Crime Case in Los Angeles?

Theft offenses encompass a large number of crimes, all involving the taking of another person’s property, money or assets without their permission or consent. Los Angeles criminal defense attorney Robert M. Bernstein is an experienced criminal trial attorney who understands how to defend clients who are facing any type of theft crime charge, such as the following:

With a background as a criminal prosecutor, having worked directly under United States Attorney General Janet Reno, Attorney Robert Bernstein is familiar with both the prosecution and the defense of any theft crime charge. This experience uniquely enables him to defend your case and achieve excellent results even in the face of strong physical evidence and witness testimony. At the Law Offices of Robert M. Bernstein, we understand that there are possible defenses to every case. Attorney Bernstein will work at negotiating with the prosecuting attorney in order to try to have charges dismissed before your case ever goes to court. If a trial is unavoidable or is the best route for your particular theft crime charges, Attorney Bernstein can use his strong and experienced trial skills to argue your case in court.

Representing Clients in Los Angeles County Accused of Theft Offenses

Los Angeles theft crime lawyer Robert M. Bernstein is committed to defending those individuals who have been arrested or charged with a theft crime in Los Angeles County or anywhere in the state of California. He understands that this is the most critical point in your life, and that your future and freedom hinge upon his ability to defend your rights. His dedication, experience and unique skills will work in your favor to help secure the most positive results in your case. Whether you have been charged with robbery, carjacking, burglary, grand theft or petty theft, criminal defense lawyer Robert Bernstein can fight to protect your rights.

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