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The term "Date Rape" is not a legal definition; it is a sexual assault which refers to non-consensual sexual activity between two people who know one another (such as friends, acquaintances, people on a date, etc.) Frequently, drugs and alcohol are a factor in date rape cases, and can cause both the defendant and victim’s accounts of the circumstances to be warped or remembered only vaguely.

Accused of Date Rape in Los Angeles?

As a Los Angeles sex crimes defense lawyer, Robert M. Bernstein has the knowledge and experience it takes to defend a client who is facing date rape charges. Often, these accusations are based on a simple misunderstanding, or at times are entirely false and are made with a malicious intent to harm another person. Frequently, hurt feelings or a bitter end to a relationship can lead to these types of false charges. Unfortunately, once the complaining witness makes the allegation to law enforcement officers the case is out of her hands. Overzealous prosecutors may pursue these charges even when the complaining witness has changed, altered, or even recanted her story. This was made very clear recently in the case of three college students at Duke University, who were ultimately cleared of all charges and the prosecuting attorney was disbarred for his unethical prosecution.

Whatever the particular situation, the most important factor in a successful defense is to immediately prepare an aggressive defense strategy. Do not delay, do not wait and think that the truth will eventually come out. Only with the help of an experienced and aggressive defense attorney can you confront these types of charges and clear your name. Attorney Bernstein has achieved extraordinary successes in having numerous of these types of cases dismissed before formal criminal charges are even filed. In the event that criminal charges are filed, Mr. Bernstein has repeatedly been able to have these types of cases dismissed. If you are someone you know is facing these charges contact Mr. Bernstein immediately for a consultation.

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The Law Offices of Robert M. Bernstein are located in Beverly Hills, California, and Los Angeles date rape defense lawyer Bernstein handles cases for clients throughout Los Angeles and the state of California. We offer a free consultation to discuss your situation and see how we may provide the most effective legal counsel on your behalf. Without an experienced criminal defense lawyer on your side, you may face a prison sentence, fines, lifetime sex offender registration, probation and more. By consulting a Los Angeles date rape attorney as soon as possible, you can find out how to avoid these serious consequences.

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