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How a Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help

A pre-file investigation refers to an investigation that is conducted by law enforcement when they suspect that someone is guilty of committing a crime; however, no formal charges have been filed against the person yet. If you are presently aware that you are under the watchful eyes of law enforcement for a state or federal crime, then it's absolutely imperative that you take quick and decisive action in the matter before it's too late. The worst thing to do in such cases is sit back and wait, because as you do nothing, law enforcement will be quietly and meticulously building a case against you and time is of the essence.

With a pre-file investigation, you will be contacted by law enforcement or investigators who will have a number of questions for you. Keep in mind that they have suspicions about you and they are attempting to build a solid case against you. For this reason it's critical that you exercise your 5th amendment right to remain silent because anything you say can and will be used against you. The most powerful and strategic step you can take to protect yourself is to contact our lead attorney, Robert M. Bernstein before formal charges are filed against you.

Searching for a Los Angeles criminal lawyer? By taking preventative measures now, we may be able to prevent an arrest from occurring and more importantly, we may be able to prevent formal charges from being filed in the first place. We cannot stress enough how important it is to remain silent and secure legal representation from our firm. Even if you are entirely innocent of the suspicions against you, you could mistakenly say something that could incriminate yourself or law enforcement can manipulate you in such a manner as to make you appear guilty. Don't make the mistake of trying to help the investigation, or trying to clear your good name on your own because your attempts could be entirely futile without a qualified legal representative.

Do Something Before Formal Charges Are Filed!

There is no question that learning that you are the subject of a criminal investigation is an unwelcomed surprise. However, by taking a proactive stance, we may be able to divert the entire course of the investigation, thus turning the odds around entirely in your favor. Mr. Bernstein is more than your average run of the mill criminal defense attorney. Recognized as one of Los Angeles County's premier criminal defense attorneys, he has appeared as a legal analyst on CNN, MSNBC and Fox News, he has also been extensively covered in the Los Angeles Times. Furthermore, he is frequently featured as a guest on KABC 790 AM and KRLA 870 AM. Not many attorneys have earned the same level of respect in the legal community or by such major media outlets as Mr. Bernstein has, and you can benefit immeasurably from his insight and experience.

Searching for a Los Angeles criminal attorney? Whether you are facing charges for a hit and run, child abuse, a white collar crime or a serious violent felony such as murder, you need an attorney that is extremely familiar with state and federal charges. Attorney Bernstein not only practices exclusively criminal defense, he handles state and federal cases all throughout Los Angeles County as well as the state of California. This means that he has the knowledge and real world experience to represent individuals in the simplest to the most complex criminal cases.

It's important to understand that the police carefully assemble cases to present to the prosecutor. Since prosecutors frequently pick and choose which cases to pursue, by launching a pre-file investigation of your own, your defense attorney may be able to gather sufficient evidence that may prevent charges from be filed to begin with, hence saving you a great deal of money, stress, anxiety and the embarrassment that frequently goes with an arrest or criminal trial. We strongly believe in the power of pre-file investigation representation, and the steps you take here and now can possibly change the entire course of your future. Early intervention is absolutely essential when it comes to protecting your reputation, your future and your freedom. By conducting an investigation of our own, we may be able to bring certain facts to light before the police investigators and prosecutors, which in turn may show them that they don't have a case against you.

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