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Charged with mail and wire fraud in Los Angeles? Mail fraud and Wire fraud are most often charged as federal crimes in the United States District Court. This means that federal law enforcement agencies, investigators and prosecutors will be working hard to ensure a conviction and lengthy prison sentences. Mail and wire fraud are non-violent theft crimes, using the U.S. mail, wire services or private carriers such as Federal Express, UPS, etc. as part of any criminal scheme to defraud. Even if you are innocent of the charges, making a false statement to a Federal Investigator during the investigation is a separate crime in and of itself.

Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer Robert M. Bernstein fights to defend clients who are under investigation or facing charges of mail or wire fraud. Although fraud crimes such as these are often difficult to defend this does not mean that an experienced and aggressive attorney such as Mr. Bernstein cannot achieve success on your behalf. By using every weapon in his arsenal of criminal defense strategies, Los Angeles Criminal Attorney Robert Bernstein gives his clients the best opportunity to reach a positive outcome for their particular mail or wire fraud case.

Los Angeles Mail Fraud Defense Lawyer

Mail fraud is intentionally planning, creating, or carrying out a scheme in order to defraud others by using the U.S. mail, or private carriers such as Federal Express, UPS, etc. Credit card fraud, Loan Fraud, Insurance Fraud, medical drug fraud, investment fraud and many other forms of fraud may be carried out through the mail. If this scheme targets a financial institution, the penalties may include a prison sentence of up to 30 years and a fine of up to one million dollars.

This serious criminal charge requires only the best Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney. Robert M. Bernstein is experienced and ready to help you with your mail fraud case today!

Los Angeles Wire Fraud Defense Lawyer

Wire fraud occurs when an individual knowingly and intentionally devises a scheme to defraud others of property or money - using interstate "wires" to carry the scheme out. This can include the internet, phone lines, financial wire transfers, television or radio. As with mail fraud, defrauding a financial institution may result in a prison sentence of up to 30 years as well as fines totaling $1,000,000.

Have you been arrested or are you under investigation? Contact Los Angeles criminal defense attorney Robert M. Bernstein regarding your mail fraud or wire fraud charges today!

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