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Charged with Your Second DUI in CA?

Searching for a lawyer for DUI in Los Angeles? If you are facing DUI charges in Los Angeles for the 2nd time, it is crucial that you speak with an experienced DUI defense lawyer at the Law Offices of Robert M. Bernstein right away. Not only could you stand to lose your driver’s license, but you could also be sentenced to jail, probation, community service, mandatory DUI School, and more. A knowledgeable Los Angeles DUI defense attorney at our firm can ensure you have the aggressive defense you need at this critical time to avoid a 2nd DUI conviction and enhanced criminal penalties.

Under California DUI law, it is unlawful to drive or operate a vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration of .08 percent or more. While enjoying a few drinks, it’s easy to unknowingly drink enough alcohol to raise your BAC level above the legal limit. At the Law Offices of Robert M. Bernstein, we understand how easy it can be to make this mistake. When charged with a DUI, it is important to take your situation seriously, especially if this is your 2nd DUI. For a second DUI, there is a much higher chance you will be sentenced to at least some time in jail. In addition, the fines for a 2nd DUI will be higher, the hours of community service you will need to complete will be longer, and your driver’s license will be suspended for more than a year.

Searching for an Attorney for a DUI in Los Angeles?

What should you do after being arrested for your second DUI? Contact a Los Angeles DUI attorney at the Law Offices of Robert M. Bernstein. We understand what is involved in defending people against DUI charges, as well as what you have at stake. You can trust us to provide you with a thorough and aggressive defense at both your DMV hearing and in criminal court. We know which defense strategies are effective and which are not, and will work hard to find the evidence (or lack thereof) needed to get your charges reduced to a lesser offense or dismissed completely. Protecting your best interest and helping you avoid a second DUI conviction is our number one priority!

To schedule a consultation to discuss your case, please contact an experienced Los Angeles DUI defense lawyer at the Law Offices of Robert M. Bernstein today!

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