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Los Angeles Child Abuse Defense Lawyer

Falsely accused of child abuse in Los Angeles?

Under California law allegations of Child Abuse or neglect carry severe penalties and are harshly prosecuted. Often, a criminal charge involving child abuse or neglect will bring about media attention and may result in alienation of the accused abuser from friends, co-workers and family. It is essential that you contact an attorney immediately if you or someone you know has been accused of child abuse or child neglect.

Searching for an attorney for child abuse in Los Angeles? Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer Robert M. Bernstein is highly experienced and exceptionally well qualified to represent clients in State, Federal and Juvenile Court. His aggressive defense of his clients has enabled Attorney Bernstein to secure a number of outstanding results for his clients, even those facing child abuse charges. Anyone who has children is going through a custody dispute, or works with children on a daily basis may be subject to a false accusation of child abuse. It is important to have a skilled criminal defense lawyer on your side if you find yourself in this situation.

Effects of a Child Abuse Conviction in California

A conviction on charges of Child Abuse or neglect may result in a lengthy prison sentence and additional penalties and consequences. The result of any child abuse conviction can have on a person’s reputation and personal relationships are also broad and long-lasting. An offender may lose custody of his or her children, his job and reputation and his liberty.

Searching for a lawyer a child abuse case in Los Angeles? If you or someone you know is facing charges of Child Abuse or Neglect, contact Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer Robert M. Bernstein immediately for a consultation. Attorney Bernstein is a highly skilled defense lawyer who’s innovative and hard-hitting defense techniques work in his clients’ favor – even when they are facing serious charges involving child abuse or neglect. Contact the Law Offices of Robert M. Bernstein today and learn how Attorney Bernstein can help you!

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